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Bob Caporale is an acclaimed expert on the subject of creative strategic planning. As a speaker, he is known for combining his deep knowledge of product and business management with his passion for music performance and composition to help demonstrate how businesses can infuse more creativity into everything they do. Bob also facilitates workshops and training programs on the subjects of strategic planning and business management through his company STRATEGY GENERATION COMPANY. His style has been described as entertaining, energetic, and honest. But, above all, he is known for bringing a “been there done that” credibility to his talks and workshops that instantly connects with audiences across multiple industries in most any part of the world.


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But don’t take our word for it – read what some of Bob’s audience members have to say below…

"Bob was a great facilitator. Very engaging and we related to him and his examples."
"One of the best, most energetic and engaging trainers I have had."
"The examples and stories from Bob were extremely valuable and interesting. Thank you Bob!!!"
"Bob was an outstanding instructor!"
"Bob was very engaging and entertaining. Had many real life cases and examples that helped us to view our business through another eye."
"Bob is an inspiring trainer, making what could have been a tedious class, entertaining and uplifting."
"Bob was very knowledgeable and stayed on course, keeping everyone engaged."
"Bob was ‘real’ and challenged us by being honest and upfront when we needed to hear feedback."
"Bob did an outstanding job of linking concepts to real-life examples that I could understand. He kept me interested for 3 full days with his presentation energy. Great job Bob and thank you"
"Bob made the information live and breathe."
"Bob is the most engaging instructor I’ve had the pleasure to be in a course with."
"Fabulous! Bob is fantastic!"
"Bob did an amazing job keeping everyone engaged"
"Excellent interactions. The way seminars should be done!"
"Bob is a great lecturer with lot’s of knowledge."
"Bob – you are very passionate about what you’re sharing with us and it makes a difference knowing you are genuinely interested in our success. Thank you!"
"Bob made a 3-day course feel like it was 4 hours. Time just flew by."
"Wow – Bob is great! Easy to understand and listen to."
"Bob Caporale is a great communicator – he is passionate, knowledgeable, and interactive."
"Bob is an experienced expert who employed stories AND a knowledge of our company to illustrate the concepts."
"Bob was able to establish his credibility quickly and his anecdotes were applicable and entertaining"
"Bob’s knowledge and passion definitely made us enjoy and understand the content better."
"Bob was a rock star facilitator!"
"Bob is extremely knowledgeable and he connected with the group."
"Bob was a great facilitator. Very engaging and we related to him and his examples."
"Awesome! Bob’s energy was outstanding from start to finish!"
"Bob did a great job keeping everyone interested."

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